Thursday, January 29, 2015

One Little Word 2015

There is something that I suspect many bloggers do, called my One Little Word.

I was extremely pleased once when I stumbled upon one soul's collection of things and quotes that reminded and taught her of gentleness, the word she had chosen for that year, or rather one that had presented itself to her, I conjecture again.

I was inspired again seeing another blogger's choice of the word "cultivate", which as a Christian had much depth of meaning for her. Good soil... fruits of the spirit...

Come to think of it I had a friend who, not even quite so consciously, was stuck on (in a good way) the word "holy" for quite awhile, too.

In other words, I am in love. I believe there is a lot of opportunity for character growth when we zero in on what has meaning, in a natural and simple -- but potentially rich, even complex -- way.

One word that has been coming back to me for the past month like it was something magic was the word "vindicate".

We often think of Christ as many things, and most frequently in regards to His relation to us specifically, as our King, Savior and Redeemer. But I have fallen in love with the word "Vindicator" (and vindicated, vindication, etc.) because I feel it sums up all three of those, with an extra ounce of Grace to kick it up a notch.

But let's look at the definition of vindication. Or all of them. Save myself some typing.

My personal favorites: from the latin vindicat- "claimed" or "avenged".

God claims us for His own, out of His love, which brings glory to Him and all those that love Him. He also has avenged our eternal feud with Satan, who is our mortal enemy. He vanquished that Tempter for us, btw. We should really be doing a victory dance, "Ding-dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead! Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead!" The serpent's head is crushed.




In one sense, it is much like a deliverer, or judge, or savior, or being exonerated, but it specifically refers to what one is being delivered or saved from as well. Blame. Suspicions. Things that we may even be correctly and justly accused of (the definition does not exclude these either -- thank God!). Everything that can tear us down, or be used against us and used against who God created us to be In The Beginning (that is, His free, beloved, gifted, and loyal subjects) -- all those things, the true, the false, the good, the bad and the ugly -- are completely and justly understood, judged one way or the other; condemned, forgiven, praised; by that one person, the Vindicator. He who knows the inner workings of every heart, and desires to heal every sorrow therein and without. He puts all things right. Vindicated. New.

The Bible says that Christ is able to understand our weaknesses. But what is better is that He did not have to succumb to them to understand them, and fight for us against them, and forgive us for them -- something none of us can do, not 100%, and sometimes not even 1%.

He remained true because we could not, and because it gave him pleasure and glory. He is our Vindicator. I am going to spend this year vindicating what I can, as well as thanking God for the vindication he gives to me, and to others, most generously.

Vindicating forgives, and vindicating revives. It gives you a hope and a future. To be vindicated is like a fire inside, a dancing flicker. You are just blessed by its being there, and so are others. (This little light of mine... Imma gonna let it shine...)

Believe in your Vindicator. Believe you are vindicated. Generously vindicate others by believing them, and believing in them, despite your former attitudes towards them. And then experience the world God has created as it vindicates you. There is grace and vindication in every breath of air, every taste, every smell, every worthy action, every worthy thought, for those saved by the blood of Jesus. It is the fruit of belief in the one Who is our Vindicator, who chooses to have faith in us because when He looks at us, He sees His Son, the Faithful One.


Now, as far as how far I have got with this idea; one thought I've had in regards to vindication so far, is the struggle that has existed between the poor and the wealthy. But the Bible says God does not show partiality to either the poor nor the wealthy, and commands us I believe in Proverbs to do the same. Isn't that wonderful? He vindicates both of them in their time of trial, equally and with full measure. He ends the strife.

The Beatitudes are also chock full of vindication.

I also have understood the meaning of the Psalms on a much richer, more clear level through the lens of vindication and what that means for God's people. It helped me understand with my head, but better yet, begin to understand them with my heart. They became less foreign. Perhaps like all good poetry, there is a key and language to them that is all their own.

Vindication is a too-good-for-dollars word. It means many things.

I would encourage you if you feel led to, and especially if you have one on your mind, find a word that is meaningful to you, and... vindicate it.

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